Mission Statement


Cinderella Therapeutics, a novel approach to develop effective and affordable drugs and therapies.


Cinderella Therapeutics Foundation is a first in the Netherlands, possibly in the world: a not-for-profit organization seeking to develop new drugs or therapies for patients at an affordable price. Cinderella focuses exclusively on promising therapies ignored by commercial enterprises due to their poor potential for generating revenues. Cinderella calls such inventions ‘stepchild’ drugs or therapies. The founders believe that stepchild therapies can be revived and rapidly put to clinical use by abandoning the profit principle and by selecting promising projects. Each study is directed by physician/scientists and focused on patients. Participants are scientists at selected academic centres and philanthropists willing to provide both working capital and their talents. Cinderella’s business model is based on corporate efficiency and on the ‘open source’ principle. Cinderella‘s approach and infrastructure facilitate the completion of the interrupted development of stepchild drugs. Cinderella can bridge the distance between laboratory and bedside faster and at a relatively low cost.