Cinderella appeals for contributions towards the costs of stepchild Ataluren
This site and the media have provided wide coverage of our efforts to make the drug Ataluren available for Brent and Esra Verhoek. Although mr Peter Burgers from Brinkhof Lawyers offered his services free of charge to Cinderella and her stepchild, some costs are still involved. Cinderella had to pay a substantial amount of money to the firm of solicitors.

We first decided to approach the patients’ associations Duchenne Parent Project Nederland-DPPN and the Vereniging Spierziekten Nederland – VSN [Association Muscular Diseases the Netherlands] with the request to share these costs with us. However, this turned out to be impossible, because the VSN is not a fund-raising organization and is itself completely dependent on subsidies and donations and fund-raising is not in agreement with PDDN’s objectives. It is our policy only to ask our sympathizers for financial support when it is clear how much money is needed and for which purposes.

In this case a total amount of € 30,000 is needed.

We will announce by how much this amount has been reduced thanks to the donations for this special stepchild. We would like to mention the names of the givers, because Cinderella advocates transparence. If you prefer to remain anonymous, your contribution will get the label ‘anonymous giver’.

Because the Foundation Cinderella Therapeutics has the ANBI-status [status as an institution for general benefit] your donation is tax deductible.

Please transfer your contribution onto bank account number 1552.74.856 in the name of Stichting Cinderella Therapeutics stating ‘Ataluren’ and either your name or stating ‘anonymous donation’.