What kind of collaborators is Cinderella trying to find?

Groups of people with different talents:

  • Inventors of stepchild therapies
  • Physician/scientists willing and able to engage in clinical research
  • Philanthropists providing additional funds
  • Everyone willing to use their own specific expertise and help running the Cinderella Therapeutics Foundation or participate in one of its projects


Cinderella needs collaborators. You want to participate?
Please, contact us



What kind of inventors?
Cinderella is trying to locate scientists who identified a significant, promising innovation in health care, but were unable to test their invention in human patients due to lack of interest in the investment community (3). These inventors will be asked to 1. Donate their intellectual property to Cinderella 2. Use their talents to assist in the clinical development of their invention on a not-for-profit basis (4).


What kind of medical specialists?
Obviously this will be different for each project. The medical specialists participating in Cinderella’s projects will be top notch, most if not all working in a University affiliated Medical Center. They participate in the development of a new therapy without expecting any personal financial gain, because they are confident that the new therapy has a good chance to improve the quality of the life of their patients. Cinderella expects Leaders of Academic Medical Centers in The Netherlands to be supportive of our studies as well.


Why is Cinderella interested in fund raising??
Budgets needed for single Cinderella studies will be significantly lower than budgets needed for R&D of therapies by the regular pharmaceutical industry, due to the fact that Cinderella has renounced the for profit principle and all top employees of Cinderella do not earn a salary. Still Cinderella needs considerable amounts of money to start her first projects. Precise figures for each project will only become available, when all the preparations needed for initiation of the project have been completed, e.g. producing the new drug under investigation in amounts sufficient to complete the study. This will not happen before the end of the year 2010. Next year (2011) Cinderella will look for ways to cover the holes in her study budget. Perhaps by finding wealthy philanthropists willing to do so (1). Cinderella hopes to find philanthropists, who are willing to apply their specific expertise for an effective and timely completion of the project. Acting this way the philanthropists share the responsibility of defining the most appropriate use of their donation. In addition they become part of the Cinderella family and continue to assist in new initiatives and projects. This form of participation has been called catalytic philanthropy in the USA (2). It has played a major role in decreasing poverty and other societal inequities. Financial supporters earn the right to participate in Cinderella’s projects. They will be able to tie their name to the Foundation and its mission and doing so will gain extra respect and social status.


What are Cinderella’s final words for its future collaborators?

As a matter of fact the most important actively working parts of Cinderella are her collaborators and sponsors. This is a very diverse group and our expectations are high that the catalysis provided will continuously bring chances as well as quick results. We promise never a dull moment.

1. Cinderella is seeking to obtain Tax Exempt Status from the Dutch IRS to make donations to the Foundation deductible from income for tax purposes. Potential donors are: private (donation, bequest, inheritance), institution (charities, hospital, university, insurance company), government, and industries.

2. See Mark R Kramer. Catalytic Philanthropy, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Fall 2009, p. 29. On request Cinderella will send you a PDF file of this article.

3. Cinderella selects inventions that on the basis of preclinical research or in other ways can be expected to have a high therapeutic ratio. The class and mode of action of the inventions should allow for a determination of its efficacy in a short period of time in a small number of patients.

4. Cinderella invites people in sharing their Intellectual Property with Cinderella to contact the chairman of the Board of the Cinderella Foundation. The Board and a panel of experts including experts suggested by the inventor will evaluate every submitted proposal. Approved projects will be transferred to Cinderella Therapeutics Research Corporation that will write and manage the project protocol.