About Cinderella Therapeutics

Cinderella Therapeutics is a foundation and the single owner of the subsidiary Cinderella Therapeutics Research Corporation (CTRC) which develops the stepchild drugs. Whenever CTRC generates revenues, income minus costs, they will be donated to the Cinderella Therapeutics foundation. Revenues can only be used to accomplish the goals of the foundation: development of new drugs and therapies.


The negation of personal financial gain brings Cinderella‘s activities into the public domain. Therefore, public institutions and their employees encounter no fiscal or ethical barriers should they want to participate and contribute -financially or otherwise- to the mission of the Cinderella Foundation.


Cinderella Therapeutics Research is structured to achieve results as soon as possible in a corporate and well-organized approach. For the clinical studies CTRC will convene for each project a study group/consortium, in which interested clinical researchers collaborate in harmony without bias or personal agenda.


Cinderella has experience and time for new projects.
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Cinderella selects new drugs for medical problems for which highly effective drugs are not yet available and for which new candidate drugs have shown promising results in preclinical animal and toxicity studies. This selection process enables Cinderella to demonstrate the potential usefulness of a new drug in a relatively small number of patients and a short period of time.


If the results obtained justify the use of the new drug in larger numbers of new patients, the drug will be made available at a socially acceptable and affordable price.


The Cinderella approach is a new way of bringing neglected and forgotten drugs to the clinical arena, the only goal being better and affordable treatment for underserved patients in need.