Tapering paroxetine better and safer with tapering strip

30 december 2013


The first tapering strip for paroxetine is now available for patients in the Netherlands. With this strip it will be possible to taper off paroxetine better and safer than with the current standard medication. In the Netherlands 200,000 people use paroxetine.

The tapering strip PAROXETINE 19-0,5/28dagen was made to taper off paroxetine from 20 mg very gradually over a period of 28 days to prevent the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms. The strip consists of 28 separate, numbered compartments, each containing one or more tablets. The number and strength of the tablets is chosen to reduce the amount of paroxetine each day a little bit further to allow the patient to adjust to the lower doses.

In the October issue of the journal of the Dutch Psychiatric Association (Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie) 22 psychiatrists lend their support to this initiative (english translation available here).

The tapering strip PAROXETINE 19-0,5/28dagen is the first to become available and requires a doctors prescription. Cinderella continues to develop tapering strips for venlafaxine and other chronically used medications.

Cinderella Therapeutics Foundation is a not-for-profit organization seeking to develop new drugs or therapies for patients at an affordable price (www.cinderella-tx.org).

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