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Cinderella Therapeutics Foundation is a first in the Netherlands, and possibly in the world: a not-for-profit organization seeking to develop new drugs or therapies for patients at an affordable price. Cinderella focuses exclusively on promising therapies ignored by commercial enterprises due to their poor potential for generating revenues. Cinderella calls such inventions ‘stepchild’ drugs or therapies. The founders of Cinderella believe that stepchild therapies can be revived and brought to rapid clinical applications by abandoning the profit principle and by selecting promising projects. Each study is directed by physician/scientists and focused on patients. Participants are scientists at selected academic centers and philanthropists willing to provide both working capital and their talents.


The start of Cinderella received extensive attention from the media late 2010. In a few months time, we received hundreds of expressions of sympathy including declarations of support and assistance in various forms. In addition, there were many nominations of potential stepchild drugs. After thorough examination a dozen of these is considered for further development. We will regularly report on this site on the progress made and the problems that arise. We hope to ensure that interested scientists and philanthropists collaborate with us, offer solutions and submit suggestions for new projects.

Cinderella has experience and time for new projects.
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Last updated on July 28th 2015